Bottom Unheading Valves


Coke Drum Bottom Unheading Valve

DeltaValve’s bottom unheading valve permanently connects to the coke drum, creating a totally enclosed system from the coke drum to the discharge pit. Utilizing patented dynamic seat technology, the device is tight-sealing, robust, and highly reliable. With the push of a single button from a remote location, safe and reliable unheading can be achieved. The valve is inherently safe, easy to operate, and designed to be maintenance free between turnarounds.

Key Advantages
  • Proven technology
  • Safe and reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Part of a totally enclosed system
  • Double block and purge
  • Steam purged
  • Single button operation
Physical/Technical Attributes

Bottom Unheading Valve

Design Per ASME section VIII Div.1,2
Construction Valve body: cast
Bonnets: cast or fabricated
Metallurgy Valve body: ASME SA217 Gr. C5
Bonnets: ASME SA387 Gr22 (fabricated)
Bonnets: ASME SA217 GrWC9 (cast)
Dimensions 357”L x 98”W x 40” H
21.6” face to face
Weight 66,000 – 74,000 (depending on actuator)
Actuation Single-ram hydraulics
Auxiliary hydraulic override
Electronic planetary roller screw
Interlocks / Controls / HPU Engineered to plant specifications
Positive Lockout Removable lock-out pin
Transition Spool Engineered to plant specifications
Discharge Chute Engineered to plant specifications
Purge Media Steam
Drum Flange 60 inch (1524 mm) standard
Shut-off Double block and purge with 100% verifiable positive isolation
Pressure Rating 154 psig (10.8kgf/cm2g) @ 940oF (505oC)
Application Photos