Cutting Tool Enclosure


Auto-Switch Tool Enclosure
and Top Head Blowout Diverter

The cutting tool enclosure mounts directly to the top unheading valve and creates an inherently safe coke cutting operation. By enclosing the top head and cutting tool, exposure to pressurized cutting tool water can be eliminated and debris from top head blowouts can be diverted away from workers and the cutting deck. The drill stem guide is integrated into the enclosure and is designed to guide and stabilize the drill stem during coke cutting and boring modes.

Key Advantages
  • Encloses cutting tool
  • Diverts top head blowouts
  • Stabilizes drill stem
Physical/Technical Attributes

Boring/Cutting Tool Enclosure

Construction Fabricated
Metallurgy ASTM A36
Dimensions Engineered to plant specifications
Weight Varies, based on plant specifications
Connections Bolted to top unheading valve

Application Photos