Auto-Switch Cutting Tool


Remote switching between
boring and cutting modes

The innovative DeltaValve auto-switch coke cutting tool provides a high level of safety during de-coking operations by allowing the cutting tool to remain in the drum during switching of cutting and boring modes. Performance of the cutting nozzles are optimized for each pump pressure and drum diameter combination. For long term reliability, all internal mechanisms are isolated from exposure to cutting water and coke fines. Optional remote verification of cutting/boring mode is available.

The auto-switch cutting tool has successfully tested for cutting pressures up to 2000 PSI, and configurations up to 5000 PSI are currently in their final stages of testing.

Key Advantages
  • Safe reliable design
  • Remote switching between boring and cutting modes
  • Internal components
  • Isolated from coke fines
  • Low maintenance
Physical/Technical Attributes
Construction Cast body
Metallurgy Body: SA-487 CA6NM
Nozzles: ASTM A479 316 C/W ENP
Connections Engineered to plant specifications
Cutting Water Pressure 2500 – 5500 psi
Switch Force Nitrogen spring
Dimensions 31 3/8 x 22 inches
Weight 950 lbs. (approximately)

Application Photos