Values and Ethics

At DeltaValve our commitment to value includes;
  • Meeting our commitments in everything we do
  • Communicating and acting with honesty and integrity
  • Valuing the contribution of true leadership and understand that it is not an appointed position; but instead leadership is within the capacity of all individuals with the desire, the spirit, and the courage to do so
  • Providing an environment to grow and broaden the careers of our people through challenging assignments, individual development plans and the support of our leadership and our many colleagues
  • Providing and maintaining a safe workplace
  • Celebrating diversity and seeking challenging ideas
  • Tirelessly working to leave the organization in a stronger condition for future generations
  • Being grateful for the many opportunities that we have, and to seek ways to give back to the community
Commitment to Ethics and Codes of Conduct:
  • As representatives of the company to the outside world, and regardless of the pressures inherent in conducting business, we will act responsibly and in a manner that will reflect favorably upon DeltaValve.
  • DeltaValve will continue to:
    • Maintain a workplace environment which does not create pressures that would encourage any departure from ethical behavior or acceptable standards of conduct
    • Provide training and educational materials, including this Code and various legal and other compliance materials, so that we are informed of our company’s ethical standards and our requirement to comply with all laws and company policies
    • Provide the channels through which we are able to report suspected violations of our code or other company policy