Top Unheading Valves


Coke Drum Top Unheading Valve

The DeltaValve coke drum top unheading valve permanently connects to the top flange of the coke drum. With this device, top drum unheading can now be safely accomplished with the push of a single button from a remote location, removing operators from the cutting deck and protecting them from potential coke drum eruptions and top head blow-outs.

Key Advantages
  • Proven technology
  • Fully automated
  • Part of a totally enclosed system
  • Low maintenance
  • Steam purged
  • Single button operation
  • Quick, safe unheading
Physical/Technical Attributes

Top Unheading Valve

Design Per ASME section VIII Div.1
Construction Cast
Metallurgy ASME SA387 Gr5 (optional Gr22)
Dimensions - 30" 252”L x 59”W x 22”H
16.2” face to face
Actuation Hydraulic or electric
Interlocks / Controls / HPU Engineered to plant specifications
Positive Lockout Removable lock-out pin
Mounting Direct bolt to drum top flange
Purge Media Steam
Function Open/close
Valve Size 30 and 36 inch
Temperature Rating Seats/Gate (process): 900oF (482oC)
Body (steam): 450oF (232oC)
MAWP temperature/pressure curves available
Pressure Rating 105 psig (723.4 kPa) @ 900oF (482oC)

Application Photos